Legal and Ethical

Security First was setup in 2013 and operates from both Dublin and London.

Company name: Security First Ltd.
Company Number: 625599.
Registered Office: Cluster, 1-33 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, D02 VK03, Ireland.

Terms of Service and Privacy for Umbrella

Terms of Service and Privacy Policies are important. You should always know what you’re agreeing to, so you should always read the terms and conditions carefully. You can read ours in full here.

That said, we know people don’t usually read them all that carefully, so we’ve outlined the main points of Umbrella’s below.

  • We don’t take your data – We take your security and privacy very seriously. That’s why we don’t take any personal data from you and you stay anonymous. We don’t have access to anything you store or input into the app – that information is only stored on your device. (This means that we can’t recover your data if you accidently delete it or forget your password.) We can’t see anything about you, so no one else can either.
  • We don’t track you – If you want to use the dashboard to get up-to-date information on risks in your area, you just enter the city – we don’t track your location. Ever.
  • We recommend you use a password – If you want to save your checklists and keep an eye on your progress, we recommend you put a strong password on the app. This will encrypt the app. If someone gets their hands on your phone you don’t want them knowing which security protocols you’ve implemented and which you haven’t. We haven’t made this compulsory in case you weren’t storing much, but we think you’re better safe than sorry.
  • We’re not liable – Umbrella is an app full of advice on what to do in risky situations. This advice may not always apply and you should consider all potential risks, use a wide range of advice, and use your own judgement before deciding what to do. We hope you’ll understand that we are not liable or responsible for the actions you take – basically that whatever you do is done at your own risk.
  • It’s free – Umbrella is free to use and there are no advertisements. Its development is supported by grants and training revenue. Like us, almost all the tools we recommend are free, open-source, and where appropriate, end-to-end encrypted.

Responsible disclosure policy

We take the safety and security of our users extremely seriously. If you find a security critical issue with Umbrella or any other activity related to Security First’s work, we ask that you disclose it to us confidentially before making it public. Ideally, please use security measures such as encryption to mail us. Our contact details are available here.

We guarantee that we will respond to you within 72 hours. Our aim is to have any security issue fixed within 21 days, so we ask that you give us this amount of time before public disclosure. Our users are our passion and our reason for doing this work, but if you’re not satisfied you can email our mums ([email protected] - we promise this links directly to them) and tell them. Because there’s nothing more annoying than your mother asking why you haven’t done something.