Publish any content in a secure app

Are your documents out of date before they're even out the door?
Could attackers try and compromise your content?

You need a fast, easy, open-source CMS that you and your readers can trust. Meet Tent. All the tools you need to create, edit, and publish securely-under one roof.


Where’s your security manual?

Tent helps your team stay secure


Complex content management systems aren't just confusing--they're vulnerable to attack. But Tent shows you exactly who's changing your content, so no-one can hijack it. Access is controlled using industry standard authentication software.

Is this your workflow?

Tent is better!

Many authors. One smooth workflow.

Tent gives you editorial control. Your text is in a repository. You decide who can edit, and every change is documented using the same version control system that developers use to test their code. You just comment, merge, or undo.

Instant access. Instant updates.

Tent gets content out of the filing cabinet, out of the cloud, and into the field. No need to print or download the latest version. Tent will push it right to your readers, wherever they are.

One source. Many publication channels.

An app. A website. An ebook. Even a pdf. Customize Tent to put your content in the format people will actually read.

Easy to run

You don't need a technical background to write in Tent's simple interface. In fact, it's designed to help you focus on what you do best--creating content.

Most Content is Vulnerable

Protect Yours


We looked everywhere for a CMS that wasn't insecure, cumbersome or proprietary. We couldn't find one, so we built it ourselves. It's open source, so you can deploy it with minimal resources.

So you want a content app?

Tent helps you do more with less!


Optimized for translation.

Your translations need to stay current, but you can't start from scratch every time you make a change. So Tent integrates with standard tools like Transifex for better translation management.


A tool with a

We built Tent to help more people access and share information. But we don't just want to make publishing faster and more secure--we want to help you work better. That's why we adopted the Content as Code standard.


Build it yourself...

With a bit of technical knowledge, you can deploy Tent in a few simple steps. Set up a Github repo or a self-hosted GitLab instance, an Oauth2 app, configure your server, and customize your app or website to utilize Tent content.


...Or let us build it for you

We take care of the technical stuff, while you focus on the content. As a bonus, we'll integrate new features that we create for our own Umbrella app.