Services and training

“Now I feel safe.”
-Journalist, Sub-Saharan Africa



How to secure your office, arrange secure meetings, conduct counter-surveillance, and deal with arrest or evacuation.


How to communicate and access the internet securely, and encrypt and store data.


Advanced open source intelligence gathering and database tools to manage your research more effectively, maximise the value of your information and increase your institutional knowledge.


Everything from basic health to advanced trauma.



A comprehensive assessment of your organisational security, including physical and cybersecurity, levels of risk and risk mitigation.


Test your cybersecurity defences. We conduct penetration tests (ethical hacking) to find your digital weak spots and recommend solutions.


We can provide training or teams of experienced protection professionals to allow you to continue you with your work in areas of highest risk.


Test your plans, team and management in a dynamic, realistic scenario tailored to your specific needs.


We base your training on a deep understanding of your needs. We learn all about the way you work and adapt our modules to reduce your risk.


We integrate digital and physical security better than anyone else, because we know the little things can make all the difference when it comes to your safety.


We work with organisations of all sizes, and we know how hard it is to keep everyone on the same page. But since we know that more efficient is more secure, we help you streamline operational procedures and work more effectively, too.

Future proof.

Security advice may change, but we help you plan for that. We’ll monitor how you implement best practices, and encourage you to think creatively about how to maintain and share robust security policies.

Why Choose Security First

Security First offers a unique perspective on security.

Our staff combine military, technology, and human rights experience. We have developed and implemented security solutions for NGOs, aid organisations and media groups in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. USAID cited the thirty-five module training program developed by Security First CEO Rory Byrne as the industry-leading standard.

But what we understand best is people. We’ve trained hundreds of them. And we know that you can have all the information in the world at your fingertips (hi, Google!) and still have trouble acting on it without a little help.

We also know the best training won’t work if you don’t implement what you learn. You forget. Things change. Your adversaries evolve.

So we design trainings that make it easier for you to stay secure, for good.

Open Training

We hold periodic group training sessions in London, UK, which are open to individuals of any level. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming dates.

We also make as much information as we can available for free. Download and share Umbrella, and take our online digital security courses with Advocacy Assembly (see below).

“I enjoyed how interactive it was, allowing for participants to be engaged, so they would be more aware of issues. I also enjoyed how all-encompassing it was and the real life examples provided.”

Human rights defender, international NGO

“There are very practical components to the course that I will apply in my work and personal life to stay safe.”

Human rights defender, international NGO